We have renamed all the bedrooms after each of the
children.  The rooms old name is under the new one so if
you had a favorite room you can find it again.  To view
photo's of the room, read about it's features, and book the
room, just click the picture beside the rooms name.
Ms. Cora's Room
2nd Floor
Ms. Margaret's Room
Ms. Alice's Room
Noble's Room
1st Floor
3rd Floor
Adam's &
Capt. Joseph
Kinney Library &
Master Suite
Matilda Kinney
Music Room/
Ladies Parlor
(Sorry Not for Rent)
J.B.'s Room
Kate's &
Katie's Suite
Agnes & Ellen's
-Tour Our Rooms-
(Sorry Not for Rent)
(Sorry Not for Rent)
Daniel's room
opening 2017!
(159 +)
(119 +)
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Mansion is under construction and rooms/ prices may change drastically as the year proceeds.  We will update with photos and other
information as soon as renovations have been completed.  Unfortunately, for the first time since we have bought the mansion 5 years ago,  
due to rising costs of utilities, food, and other expenses there will be a price increase effective April 1, 2016 on all rooms.  All reservations
for April 1 2016 and there after will reflect an increase in the price of $10.00 per room/ $5.00 per extra person.  The price on this page is
the current price, irrespective of anything else. For more information, please call us.
Ms. Sarah's Room