Miss Sarah's Room
(The original nanny's room)
Miss Sarah was the youngest children's nanny.  She took care of Katie and Noble. This bedroom gave her
quick access to the original nursery.  Later she married and had 2 children of her own and moved into one
of the other houses on the property.

This room is on the 2nd floor and is a small room (11'-2" x  7'-0") that has a twin bed in it. It contains a
secret door under the bed believed to be a hiding place for Mrs. Kinney's jewelry (The original master
bedroom was next door) in the event the house should be robbed. It does NOT have an attached bathroom,
but does have a private full bath right next door with a shower.  (The bathroom used to be another servants
room.)  This is a perfect room for someone traveling alone or a great room for a third person to sleep when
the other rooms only sleep 2.  This room can easily be combined with Miss. Alice's room.  There is a door
that connects the Alice's bathroom to Sarah's room.
Room Price: $75.00 + Tax (1 person)
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