Peak of the flood. (42" water ON the first floor.)
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The Gentleman's Parlor
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The Flood of 1993 Photos
The Flood of 1993 Photos
After the water had receded
    photo by Edd Upp
Main Staircase
It is hard to believe that it has
been 20 years since the Flood of
1993.  In all the years that the
mansion has stood next to the
river, this was the first time it
had ever dared to enter it.  (It
better not do it again!!!!  :))
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otherwise stated are courtesy of
Wayne Lammers.
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Back Gardens as the water was going down
Side Basement entrance from the Gardens
Back Gardens
One of the other houses on the
property (Next to the parking lot)
One of the other houses on the property
The Front Yard
Front View after the flood