Kate & Katie's
Kate Kinney # 1 was the twin sister to Cora.  She unfortunately passed away at the young age of
6. She is actually one of two Kinney children named Kate.  Her sister Kate #2  actually lived at
Rivercene.  A painting of her hangs in the parlor over the piano where it hung when Capt.
Kinney and his family lived here.   It is been said she loved to play on the third floor with a
young servant girl named Molly.  This room is a nice sunny room and fits young Kate's
personality.  She loved to play among the boxes and plants stored on the third floor which makes
this the obvious room to name after this young lady.

This room is on the third floor and was originally the attic of the mansion.  The Kinneys never
finished it off, but entire floor was used for a ballroom on special occasions when the parlor and
dining room were not large enough.  This is a large room that features 10 foot ceilings, 2
bedrooms, 6 windows looking out over the front and side lawn.  It is furnished with nice
comfortable furniture and a Queen size, Full size, & twin bed.  The bathroom has a tub and
Room Price: $159.00 + Tax
(1-4 people Queen bed and double bed only)
                           Add a TWIN bed:
$189.00 + Tax (3-5 people)
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This room is now a 2 bedroom suite w/ 1 bath and can sleep
up to 5 people.
Bedroom #1
Double Bed
(sleeps 2)
Bedroom #2
Queen  Bed & 1 Twin bed
(sleeps 3)
Bedroom #1
Double Bed
(sleeps 2)
Bedroom #2
Queen  Bed & 1 Twin bed
(sleeps 3)
Please Note:
This room is still under construction and
may not always be available (Please call for
details).  Room #2 will match room #1
when it is completed and will have a gas
fire place and small Kitchenette and have
cream colored walls with white woodwork
matching bedroom #1.

Due to our hectic schedule I can't give a
completion date but pictures will be updated
as the room is completed.