Miss Alice's Room
(The original nursery)
Alice Kinney was the Kinney's oldest daughter and the musician of the family.   She was a music teacher at
the New Franklin School.  She unfortunately had a horse accident that caused a spinal injury and ended her
teaching career.  A quilt made by parents of her students after the accident in 1884 still hangs in the back
hallway of the mansion.

This bedroom has an interesting history.  It started out as the classroom for the Kinney children and then
became Alice's bedroom after Noble, the youngest, went off to Kemper Military School.  The bathroom in
the room used to be a hidden "Panic" room.  It was designed to look like a closet with the side wall  
removable so it allowed  entrance into the hidden room that would also serve as the Nanny's bedroom.  This
room overlooks the front lawn and features 12 foot ceilings, 3 huge 10 foot windows, and an Italian marble
front mantle over the gas fireplace to warm you from the evening chill.

It is furnished with antiques, family portraits, an antique queen bed, and a full bath with tub and shower.  
Room Price: $145.00 + Tax (2 people)
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